Robert Gordon Thomas & Dr. Ahmed El-Moawen
Dr. Ahmed El-Moawen & Robert Gordon Thomas

A person first, a patient second.

You’re not just a patient to us. You’re first and foremost a person. No matter whether visits to the dentist are a relaxed part of your routine or a frustrating necessity: our ambience of well-being, trusting cooperation, tranquillity and time ensure that you will always feel perfectly cared for and treated.

From a medical point of view, too, it makes sense to consider a person as a whole rather than just looking at their teeth, as the cause of many dental conditions extends far beyond what’s happening in your mouth. The whole body is included in our treatment in a holistic way. Our motto is: "Feel. Think. Treat."




The root of the problem isn’t always the tooth.

It has long been shown scientifically that dental conditions are closely connected to internal illnesses.For example, periodontitis is a clear indication of a weakened immune system. Naturopathy, acupuncture and applied kinesiology may help to successful treat this. We also consider interference field diagnostics to be a perfect complement to classic dentistry diagnostic methods.After all, if you want to ensure you keep your teeth healthy, you have to look after your whole body, too.





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