Treatment hand in hand.

When holistic dentistry considers the whole body, it also requires appropriate experts to do this. This is why you will find outstanding specialists from a variety of disciplines all under one roof at our surgery: physiotherapists, homeopaths, osteopaths, ENT doctors and orthopaedic specialists who permanently update their skills for you and work alongside each other.

This means you don’t waste any time and will have the peace of mind that examinations and diagnoses can be compiled in a coordinated manner and accessed by any member of your treatment team. As a result, the left hand always knows what the right hand has already done.




Information - in a bite-size package

Only a fully informed patient can make the right decisions. This is why it’s important to us that you always know about all of the upcoming treatment stages, treatment methods and costs.

After we have discovered together where the medical journey will take us, we will explain everything to you that you need to know. In a language that you understand and for which you don’t need to have a degree in medicine.





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