Biological dentistry - new crowning glory of science.

Today, our body has a lot to deal with: stress, strain, environmental toxins and stimulants such as coffee, cigarettes and sugar impair the body and your health. Unhealthy teeth, implants, materials such as amalgam and other materials that carry a risk can increase risks to your health.
This may result in chronic illnesses such as a weakened immune system, headaches, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis or cancer. Biological dentistry is a matter of supporting the body’s healing abilities over the long term.
Among other ways, through:

holistic orthodontics

Sufficient room for permanent teeth, incorrect swallowing,
harmful thumb-sucking, state of the joints and musculature
are included in the diagnosis and treatment.

Holistic periodontitis treatment

Periodontitis can be caused by a weakened immune system
triggered by an imbalance in bacteria and fungi in the
gut. We include this in our diagnoses and treatments.

Interference field diagnostics and therapy

We dentists consider interference fields to be, for example, dead teeth,
misaligned wisdom teeth, bone and root inflammation, and
incompatible metals such as amalgam. In order to strengthen
the body’s own healing ability, we also employ treatment methods such
 as homeopathy and neural therapy.


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